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Better now.

Thank you, giolla, you are wonderful as ever.

I feel much better today, though I didn't sleep much because the Twins were just...~exasperated sigh~...and I also was rather distracted.
And today I have a ladder in my tights. So, any one of my charming friends who wants to call me anything might be slightly more justified today, since with that and a few things said last night I actually *feel* the part, though I'll never look it. ~s~

In other news, I am stupid and if I have a conversation in which everything is good apart from one sentence, I will focus on that one sentence and ignore all the good. Which is absurd, and must stop.

Have English exam this morning, though it's not an important one.

And the songs that are getting in my head this morning are really not helping.

Love you all!


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