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So much for gratitude! Characters...oy...

I gave one of my characters some fabulous shoes a while back. One of which just came flying past my head.
Spiral metal spike heels. That could have been particularly nasty.
I think I'll stay out of his little domestic disagreements from now on.

And people always say how nice it must be to have these 'imaginary friends' who never argue with you and never fight back or anything...

But honestly, if they were your character and involved in an emotional brawl which could have got at least four other people seriously hurt, wouldn't you have stepped in?
Apparently, I shouldn't have. ~sigh~ Ah well.

In other news, at least five of my schoolfriends have taken to calling me a tart, based on things I've said about this weekend.
This is really terribly unfair. I object. Strenuously. Watch me minding. ~g~


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