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Go on then.

Emily is Lit! Beware!
Emily is 13 years old and wicked bad. Bad meaning good. She has a Posse of 4 cats: Miles, Sabbath, NeeChee, and Mystery.
At 12, Emily is a veteran presenter
Emily is one of hundreds of thousands of children just like her although two qualities distinguish her from her peers
Emily is a warm and wonderful child who has a small scar under her chin.
"Emily is now eating cereal!"
A very large image of Emily is also available.
Emily is an accomplished fly fishing instructor
Emily is finding it difficult to describe what she's seeing
Emily is impulsive and competitive
Emily is very rarely seen sitting still to a whole song.

Emily isn't...

Emily isn't lazy
Emily isn't letting them have one bite.
Emily isn't evil, she's just up to no good.
Emily isn't nearly as well known as Anne of Green Gables.
Maybe Emily isn't dead, maybe she's hiding
Emily isn't astride a cute little equine, it's a Doberman Pinscher.
Emily isn't going to Venus
Emily isn't order and economy she is passivity, heavily whimsical, an object thing, unacquainted with romance.
Emily isn't the most willing victim.
Emily isn't sure he's ready, but she lets him try anyway.

Emily always...

Emily always has a smile. ("Yes, someone else's, in my pocket.")
Emily always seems to make the right decision.
Emily always has been the kind of kid who wanted you to hit her one more ground ball.
Emily always left disappointed, her little heart broken at having to leave without a pet to call her own, over and over again.
Emily always allowed the cats to taunt, chase, nibble and groom her. (~looks around~ Wouldn't you?)
Emily always had to bite her lower lip to keep from breaking the rule and squirming to intensify the touch. (I wish I was making this up...)
Emily always laughed at horrible things. The thrill of the real, she called it.
Emily always appreciates email (her life is sad and empty) (Never a truer word...)
Emily always got what she wanted.

Emily never...

Emily never gets in trouble...
Emily never made any close friends outside of her family circle.
Emily never found the single personification of the manly perfection she sought, but her cerebral suitors did occasionally cooperate.
Emily never stops loving him.
Emily never noticed--she had her face buried in the huge slab of cake in front of her.
Emily never thought she would be the cruising type (~hysterics~)
Emily never whipped up anything in her life.
Emily never knew she'd end up in an adult movie....
Emily never imagined that his music would be so passionate; she always thought that it would be pristine, orderly and civilized.

Incredibly, Emily never realized how very special she was.


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