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So, a weekend, then.

Because the French exam just went swimmingly and I am rather pleased.

Oh, I waited *such* a long time for this weekend. ~smile~ giolla turned up looking about as good as it's possible for anyone or anything to look, which gave the day a damn good start. ~g~
Time spent with him is always wonderful, likewise time spent with wildeabandon, who joined us for a very long coffee, gave me a beautiful mask for my birthday, and was generally beautiful and sweet and lovely. And tolerant of my it's-not-an-obsession-honest with an acquaintance of hers. [insert absent halo here]
When we'd seen her off at the station - a process which involved me collapsing on the platform, which was unprecedented and I'm sure highly amusing for both wildeabandon and giolla (who was naturally the cause of said collapse), we headed back. An interesting train journey during which we managed to garner strange looks, dirty looks, and perhaps most bizarrely of all, no looks whatsoever, from a whole lot of people. ~amused~
Over the weekend I finally managed to see both the extremely silly Robin Hood : Men In Tights and the almost as silly Addams Family Values, which was great and both of which I must find myself copies of. I also found out a whole lot of interesting things - I'll spare you the details - laughed, meeped, and got 10p, an English lesson, and one hour's sleep.
It was a very. Very. Good weekend.

I got back abysmally late (wretched Sunday trains) but at least I was shocked into wakefulness this morning by such pretty pictures. ~smile~

Thank you giolla, wildeabandon, ruis. Best birthday in a long time.


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