DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Oh my god! HOW many surveys?!?!

I love you, asrana!

1. If there were 3 wells (love, beauty and creativity) and you could only drink from one, which would it be? Beauty.
2. With problems, who do you run to? Tasha or asrana.
3. Which finger is your favorite? Index.
4. What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten? Bubble & squeak.
5. Would you kill someone? Yes.
6. If yes, why? I'd probably enjoy it.
7. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play the lead? I would, darling.
8. Do you like your handwriting? Most of the time.
9. Who are you jealous of? Everyone for something.
10. What kind of person do you want to marry? MIDGE! LOL
11. Unluckiness? Eh???
12. What do you put on your sandwiches? what kind? Sandwiches...hmm...reconstituted meat products. ~g~
13. Do you think people on the Gap commercials are cool? Nick and Si have just done one, so YES! Absolutely. ~snerk~
14. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Either that or deadly enemies.
15. Are you a daredevil? Not really.
16. How big was the biggest mango you ever ate? I hate mangoes.
17. Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never repeat? Yes.
18. What do you think is the most attractive animated character? It's bound to be some anime bloke or other.
19. Do looks matter? Yes.
20. Color? ....I don't find black men attractive, but that's 'cause they have a different face type and it's just one that doesn't attract me. So yes, I suppose it does.
21. Do you pray? Not often.
22. Are you trendy? Not at all.
23. What do you do to prevent anger? Why would I want to do that?
24. Who is your idol? Boy George.
25. Who is your second family? My godmother's family.
26. Do you trust others easily? Yes.
27. What was your favorite toy as a child? I don't know.

red: Roses.
green: Chartreuse.
blue: Sky.
yellow: House 2 - aaaargh.
tan: What thin people get in summer.
white: Zebra crossings.
orange: Johnny X's hair. ~ssssigh~ Yes...she's ginger....ok, I know.
maroon: My dad's old car.
pink: Brabie and similar things.
gray: John Major.
purple: Skirts.
black: Night.
brown: Cow.
gold: Money.

1.If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why?: Walk on the moon. It's darker up there.
2.What color do you think best describes you and why?: Black. 'Cause it's...black. ~shrug~ Why else?
3.If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing: This, and not sneezing.
4.Would you ever share your heart completely with someone else? Emma-Kate, my heart is yours whenever you should call. ~g~
5.Which sense could you not live without, and why?: Hearing. Synth-washes. Oh. God, no.
6.Have you ever written on a mirror? If so what did you write?: "Marc Almond Is God".
7.If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?: I wouldn't have blushed when I got in here. Computer room is fucking hot, but...still.
8.Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed : Cozy bed please. (I like this quiz. Yay.)
9.What is the most beautiful thing in the world? At the moment? Johnny X.
10.Name one person who's changed your life for the better: Tash, in all ways.
11.What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully- physically or mentally- or both?: LOL Um...talk about Alex Krycek. ROFL. Um. Mention Adam in any kind of interesting attire. Um. Point out that Johnny X is within jumping distance. Eeeep. Ask me this question. LOL.
12.If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be the last thing you say, and who would you say that to?: "I'm sorry I loved you, I really am" to Jewel.
13.What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood you're in?: Warm & fuzzy John/Nick fanfic.
14.If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?: Nick. 'Cause he's god.
15.what makes you, you?: The love I end up falling in with everyone.

number of times i have been in love: Too many.
number of hearts i have broken: One?
number of boys i have kissed in my life: One. Yick.
number of girls i have kissed: Two.
number of continents i have visited: Four.
number of drugs taken illegally: None.
number of people classified as true, could trust with my life type friends: Five?
number of cd's you own: About 150.
(Ed.: number of records you own: 1060.
number of tapes you own: 300? )
number of piercings: One in each ear.
number of tattoos: None yet.
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: ...? Four?
number of scars on my heart: Ten? Maybe?
number of people that have made me scared of what they could do to me physically: Three.

what's your drug? Music.

1) What food(s) do you hate enough to pick it out of your dinner and leave in a pathetic little pile on your plate? Pepper, courgette, aubergine, broad beans.
2) What is your favorite setup for reading (place, time, etc)? In bed with some crisps.
3) Name two things you like to mix together and eat or drink. Curry twiglets and coke. ~g~
4) Name a texture that really pleases you. Velvet the right way.
5) Name one person who could drop right off the face of the earth without its bothering you in the slightest! Tony Blair. If Julie or Amanda did, it would bother me - I'd rejoice.
6) Do you like Christmas (if your culture doesn't celebrate Christmas, substitute the biggest state or religious holiday you have instead)--why or why not? Yes. Because it's home and family time.
7) What's your favorite daydream? At the moment, censored ones about Johnny X. ~g~
8) If you had to live your next life as an animal, which animal would you pick? Cat.
9) If you could obliterate one invention from human history, which one would you choose? Webcams.
10) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? An actress, or, failing that, queen of the world.
11) Name any irrational fears you have. They're all perfectly rational. ~g~
12) If you had to pull up sticks and relocate to another place (real or fictional) for the rest of your life, where would it be? Chicago.
13) What's a childhood toy you still enjoy playing with? My Quints. ~g~
14) Name a smell associated with a memory for you--and name the memory as well. Burning wood - East Hoathly Bonfire Night and TGWR. Oh my.
15) What's your favorite piece of clothing and why (if you're a real clotheshorse, I'll allow you five pieces of clothing)? This black skirt, 'cause it's slimming and goes with everything.
16) Name one sound that gets the hell on your nerves. That BLOODY ringtone half the world seems to have.
17) Do you play the lottery (or other games of chance)? Nah.
18) What's your favorite thing about your house (or apartment)? All of it.
19) If you're really upset, what do you do to calm down? Break stuff.
20) What's a skill or talent you lack that you'd love to have? The ability to draw.

Number of people on my lj friends list: Five.
...whom I've met in person: Two.
...whom I've met in person more than once: Two.
...whose house I've been to: Two.
...who have been to my house: Two.
...whose precise geographic location I know offhand: One.
...whose full names I know offhand: Three.
...whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: One.
...who live outside my country: Two.
...whose journal I consider myself "addicted" to: Four.
...whose ex I slept with: None! LOL weird q...
...who I'd do: Two.
...who I've done: None.

1. If you could make a soundtrack of your life up to this point what songs would be included? Anything from the 80s onward, dear.
2. What literary character are you most like? Probably the guy in Nick Hornby's music-anorak book...LOL
3. What literary character do you wish you were more like? Javelin.
4. What artist/musician/author/poet gives you an otherworldly, shivery feeling when you see/hear his/her work? Gilbert Williams/Rufus Wainwright/Aidan Chambers/Carol Ann Duffy. And many, many others, of course.
5. Flats, heels, or platforms? Heels.
6. What is your computer wallpaper? Zechs & Treize - still. I must change that.
7. Hair long or short on him/her why? Long! On him, anywho. Because it *looks* better.
8. Rock? Country? Pop? Jazz? Classical? New Age? Showtunes? Hip Hop? or other? What music rocks your world? 80s synth.
9. Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring? Winter?
10. If you were a color what color would you be? Why? Electric Blue. Because.

1. what's your philosophy on life? "Why bother?"
2. you get to hang out with any 3 characters from any 3 movies. who would these characters be? Eh...Jack from VG, Feyd-Rautha from Dune ('cause it was STING!) and The Goblin King from Labyrinth.
3. do you think we'll do better than the hippies did? HELL Yeah. All they produced was a man who sang like a hoover. (Dylan.)
4. if you could only listen to five bands for the rest of your life, what would they be? Duran, Ultravox, Gary Numan, Rufus Wainwright, Spandau Ballet.
5. would you rather be a paranoid schizophrenic who thought The Corporation Association of Mind Control was coming for you, or be a member of The Corporation Association of Mind Control? Paranoid schizophrenic I think.
6. Was Forrest Gump retarded? The movie's *appalling*; beyond that, I don't know.
7. Do you listen to Kid A when you're not on drugs? I'm never on drugs; then again, I'd *never* listed to Kid A. Yick.
8. Is it cool to mock being cool in a cynically hip way? Like, yeah.
9. Did you understand Naked Lunch? I didn't read it. I must.
10. Why don't you get off the computer and get a life? Seriously, what's up with that? This *is* my life.
11. What is your ideal meal? Something at the Thai. (Going on Friday! YAY!)
12. Are you for real? Not always.
13. Are members of subcultures that consist of more than one person "sheep"? Nah.
14. Was there ever a time that you defined yourself by the music you listened to? I always do.
15. Why are 7th grade girls so fucking HOT? Why is Adam so fucking COOL?
16. Are you a terrorist? Yes...of the Upper 4s....ahahaha. Eeeee....
17. You get to hang out with any three characters from any three books. Who would these characters be? Javelin, LHV and Silk.
18. What song describes your current life situation? ROFLMFAO ROFL ROFL *ROFL*MFAO "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett And The Union Gap. "Young girl, get out of my mind...my love for you is way outta line, better run girl...you're much too young, girl..." Hahahahahaha....
19. What life describes your current song situation? ~ggls~ The nightlife in London in 1980, darling.

1) If you had to remove either love or iron from the world, which would it be? Iron.
2) What is the most scary thing you possess? My love of hurting people.
3) Who would win if Mr.T fought Robert DeNiro? Mr. T. Duh.
4) Of all the world’s monsters, which would you be? Brian Slade.
5) If you could create a five person rock band whose members were all historical figures, who would you choose to play what? ROFLMAO Oooh...~thinks hard~...Lord Byron on vocals and lead guitar, Keats on Keyboards....um...Alexander The Extremely Impressive (thanks, Methos) on bass....Einstein on Drums (thanks, Mary)...and...uh...Spock on Bongos. (I know, I know, but hey.)
6) Who’s your daddy? Fred Durst. I have answered this before. ~ggls~
7) Who were better, pirates or cowboys? Pirates!
8) What’s for dinner? Eeeee. Gammon. Eeeeeeeeeee.
9) Shakespeare. Discuss. In 8 words. Old. Man. Who. Wrote. Some. Plays. And. Died.
10) What’s the longest word you can think of where the letters are in alphabetical order from left to right? Act. But then, I'm not thinking very hard. (Or very well, today. I hate colds. Gah.)
11) If you had to remove scepticism or chocolate from the world, which would go? Hmm. Scepticism. I'd rather people were naive than I had to live without chocolate. Can cynicism stay?
12) What’s the most physical damage you’ve ever caused to someone? I knocked someone out...that's about it.
13) Have you ever been partially or entirely on fire? Not that I remember. (Except my heart....for Johnny X.....oh dear oh DEAR....)
14) If your life at the moment was summarised by a time of day, which would it be? Monday Fucking Morning.
15) Would you like to see a chicken the size of a horse? Oh, yes please. Would you like to own one? Not particularly. (You were really bored, weren't you?)
16) Copy and complete: "It is a truth universally acknowledged..." "....that bachelors are unmarried men". I'm too tired to think of something funny. Later.
17) TS Eliot said that modern poetry must be difficult. In the light of your reading of two appropriate twentieth century poems, say whether you agree. In French. Backwards. In no more than twenty words. If you can’t, you’re terrible and will never amount to anything. I will when I've got the time, I have to go to choir now though.
18) When Troy fell, what did it land on? Barnaby. (Rebecca, you must love me now. So nyah. Tee hee hee.)
19) Are you a figment of my imagination, or am I a figment of yours? You're a FIGMENT? You're a cute purple dragon from Disneyworld??? YAY!
20) Oysters or pearls? Pearls!

Must go. For many reasons.

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