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I hate to have to say this, but, having avoided everything the pop idol people have brought out up to this point if I possibly could, Gareth Gates' new single is the song that I've been hearing over the past two weeks and liking a lot and not knowing who it was by. Oh, dear. And the video's shot in Venice with lots of pretty masks. So I might have to forgive him for having taken part in Pop Idol - especially when one contrasts this song of his with Will Young's painful massacre of 'Light My Fire'...

Also, I have sparkly pens and nothing to do, so I'm back to drawing adorable cartoons of ciphergoth and friends. I wish I had a darker red though, nobody I know wears lipstick that bright...~g~

I can't get hurt any more today - people keep throwing things at me and I just laugh. I think I may be losing it slightly. After all, I like a Gareth Gates song.

I bet he didn't write it.


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