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First of all do let me say that I am fine, really I am, and generally bouncy and happy and things. This is true, and I'm not asking for sympathy this time, I'm just observing. K?
I just find it odd that I've been sitting for the past hour with blow after blow after blow raining down on my heart, and I've been humming away to myself and watching it crack and split and break and bleed and honestly not being terribly bothered about it.
Just because I'm so used to it.
There's been quite a bit of hurt recently that I haven't been prepared for, but this, I suppose, I was, and more, the recent forays into unknown territories of emotional agony have meant that I have new walls against the more unexpected blows this morning.
And there should be jealousy but there isn't, anywhere, just my own inadequacy staring me in the face. And laughing.


Anyway, back to school today. Latin and English tomorrow. Five hours of exams, in total. Marvellous. ~s~


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