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Unexpected things keep happening. Which is good, because a couple of rather sad expected things have happened, and nice unexpected things make me smile no matter what.
The radio played Duran at me. ~s~ And mum bought me new shoes. And I found the video of Wham!'s gig in China. Among other things - oh, that reminds me. ~puts impulse-bought CD in player just to see~
My godfather, the one who always forgets my birthday, sent me flowers.
I got an unexpected e-mail, as well. It made me smile.

Hmm. This CD would take a lot of getting used to, but it was probably worth buying. The lyrics are good. It's just her voice that isn't.
But it was worth it for the lyrics.

Out to dinner soon, and then back to mundanity tomorrow. But there's been a lot of love directed at me today. Thank you all. ~blows kisses~


Damn I want this weekend now...now...please...

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