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Yet another, I think this time it's an "Are you a child of the 80s?" quiz...

....thanks, asrana. ~ggls~

How old are you? 17.
Do you remember The Cabbage Patch Kids? They're still around, you know. ~pats writer of quiz gently on head~
Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kid with their little birth certificates and think it was the coolest thing in the world? Frankly, no.
Do you remember My Little Pony? I used to own one or two. And a grooming parlour, and the school. ~g~
Do you remember Rainbow Brite? I had books and tapes and I loved them. ~g~
Do you remember Light Brights and did you own one? No. But Sara's got one now.
Do you remember slap bracelets? Yes, and I ALWAYS wanted one. ~g~
Do you remember neon colored clothes? GLOBAL HYPERCOLOUR, MAN! ~ggls a lot~ John is giving me one of his Looks again...~g~
Do you remember shirt ties? Yes yes yes....
Do you remember Top Cat? He's still on, too. Isn't he? He's the one with the bin and the policeman, right?
Can you sing the song from Top Cat? No. Bucky, yes, Thundercats, yes, everything else in the world, probably, but not Top Cat. Sorry. ~feels less of a human being~
Do you remember Transformers? They *sucked*. I hate those things. "Oh look, it changed from one heap of metal into another, slightly more dangerous heap of metal. Yay. Let's party."
Can you sing the song from Transformers? "Trans-for-mers, robots in disguise...."
Did you have a crush on a Transformer and who? Tee hee hee...no....I've seen Transformers *fanfic*...'tis sad. I did have a crush on several Thundercats though. ~ggls~
Do you remember GI Joe and watched it? I remember GI Joe but never saw it. Um. I think?
Do you remember Fraggle Rock? I have a book about Red Fraggle and pumpkins. Other than that, no.
Do you remember The Garbage Pail Kids? They made me ill. Still do. Yick, yick yick yick yick.
Do you remember playing with Barbies? Yes. ~looks around~ What? I still do. And?
What was the coolest accesory you had for Barbie (ex: ice cream parlor)? The Sindy make-up shop was pretty cool, but then I still think my gold lamé shirt that I made for Ken was the coolest thing EVER. ~g~
Do you remember checking to see if Ken was anatomically correct? He was less so than Sindy's Paul, as I recall...
Do you remember being completely in love with NKOTB? As Phill Jupitus pointed out, their name is an anagram of T'Knob. But...uh...~looks a little sheepish~...I like them more now than I did then. Um. Some of their songs are ok. Um. I own one of their singles. Um. ~points~ JEWEL really LOVED them....so...yeah. Eeeek.
Do you remember Debbie Gibson? Not from then, but I know who she is now. (Music anorak. Hi.)
Do you remember when your only worry was what to watch on TV? Still is. Duh.
Do you remember learning the dance to "The Right Stuff"? ROFLMAO That's T'Knob again....the dance is so so SO SO FUNNY.....hee hee hee....they look so stupid....
Do you remember The Care Bears? Of course.
Do you remember a time when knowing that Smurfette was the only female on The Smurfs didn't make you wanna laugh? They all suck, I HATE the Smurfs, gah. Gah. I HATE them. (Mary-Anne, who is sitting beside me atm, would probably not like me to point out (but I'm going to anyway) that she fancies Hefty Smurf. No - really.)
Do you remember when going to school was all about seeing your friends and not schoolwork? No, it *used* to be about schoolwork and *now* it's about seeing my friends. Um. Is that wrong?
Do you remember playing Atari? Computer game, sweetheart. No. ~cries~ I WANT AN ATARI!
Do you remember 8-tracks and actually listened to them? No, but I know what they are now. Mum owns a couple.
Do you remember Alf? Yack. I hated that thing. What was WRONG with his NOSE? Eeeee.
Do you remember Pound Puppies? Cute. ~s~ I loved the adverts.
Do you remember glass pop bottles that you took back to the grocery store for a refund? ....no?
Do you remember when the year 2000 seemed so long away and you weren't sure it would come? Yes...LOL my whole family had 'important' birthdays that year...16....wow. ~g~


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