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I've been reading too much fanfic again.

It's left me with that vague ache of wanting to see two guys suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves in a relationship.
Life kind of tends not to work like that, and I have no friends for whom it's likely to happen (no matter how much I might like to pretend) and that's always made me sad.

There's only been one occasion on which I've actively gone out of my way to try and get a couple of people interested in one another. It actually appears to have worked, which is entertaining, but nothing will come of it, I don't think.
The other half-possibilities...~looks around~ Well, there are none. And I do know that.

Wretched fanfic. ~sigh~

Mum's downstairs making me a birthday cake so I'm banished from the ground floor of my house. ~smile~

I can't wait for the weekend.


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