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My parents are currently engaged in a competition to see which of them can produce a longer, more oh-my-god-so-cute-sounding "Awwww".

Yes. Really. Why, you ask?

Well, it's because, like anyone who appreciates such festivities as Christmas and birthdays, I have a tendency to open birthday cards as I get them (unless they specifically say otherwise).
This morning I got a card from Tash, my ex and sometime best friend, which was really, really cute.
And I thought, as I opened the envelope of the card which was obviously from my half-brother because he's the only person I knew in Cambridge who'd get around to sending me a birthday card, how lucky I am to have people who care about me.
As of today, I know two people in Cambridge who'd get around to sending me a birthday card. Thank you, wechsler. You made a little kitten very happy. I love you.


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