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~kitten stretches~

Mmmmm...I just slept for three hours...I feel a lot better now.

Somehow these things always happen at the end of exams.

An accident, they said, of course,
And you stood watching from the gate,
No smile of triumph on your face;
He'd gone. All you could do was wait.
He left you nothing in his will -
He gave you nothing when alive,
Except a swathe of bruises and
Determination to survive.
You bought yourself a kitchen knife
To see what you could do with it;
You caught yourself a kitten, but
You couldn't quite go through with it...

I need at least another two lines, damn it, and it won't happen, but I'm not too unhappy with it up to there. (Look, it must be poetry! It rhymes! ~rolls eyes~) And yes...it was inspired by that photograph I was making such a fuss about...


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