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English exam went ok. Just found out that I have another one next week I didn't know about...but that's not so bad, it's unrevisable for, and I'll wing it anyway. ~grin~

And if my actual birthday is going to be full of Serious Talks by my parents and revising for Lucretius on the Friday, then the weekend after it is, in the end, going to be wonderful.
Well, the bits that aren't making me want to be on the other side of the planet, anyway.
Would everyone please help me out by praying that it doesn't rain on the Saturday? ~g~ Please?

And now, home. For general chilling out and dancing and avoiding grandmothers and things. ~smile~


And a while ago I was asked "And what does that make you?" and I can't remember when or why and it's going round and round my head and driving me crazy.
In a good way.

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