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Ouch. Angst warnings in all directions.

I hurt. I hurt *lots*. I went a bit crazy with those wonderful scissors. They really do do their job, but the physical pain, right at the minute, is a relatively accurate representation of the emotional pain. Heh. I hurt so much. And I frightened myself.

But, bounce. Because, well. Someone who's been putting the only real smile on my face these past few days left me a comment. Which, y'know. Is wonderful.

But I can't really bounce. Because it hurts my legs too much.
I cut the back of my hand, as well. Stupid me.
I came to my senses before I started on my face again, thank goodness. But I should, because anything would improve on its current state. Not good enough for those I want it to be good enough for. Any of them. Sheesh.

I give up.
And now I have to do myself yet more damage for being stupid enough to believe that I wouldn't be ignored again.*
I really am a prize idiot, aren't I?


Although one of the characters in BoyMeetsBoy has today a shirt which says "I See Dumb People..." and that just made me laugh. Quite a bit.
I want one...

*Disclaimer : Yes, I'm well aware nobody's purposely ignoring me.
At least, I hope they're not.

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