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I know I keep saying how much I love Val, but....I love Val so much. One day soon I'm gonna have to call her. ~keeps fingers crossed~

~shakes head~ I can't believe how crazy I am about my band. One of the things I'd wanted to say last night but I was just *too* tired...well...one evening in Prague we all went on a boat trip down the river. (Prague doesn't look much better at night, but it couldn't look any worse, so...) I had my walkman practically grafted to my side for the whole week, I was just constantly listening to music, and I had the 'Weird' side of one of asrana's future tapes playing. And we were moving over the water and the first strains of 'Nightboat' came on, and...it was just...perfect. The song and the surroundings went together seamlessly. When there's that big drum/crescendo/thing, the shadow of a huge bridge swallowed the boat whole. We came out into the lights for the chorus. Even the ending went with the cars on the bridge, in the rain. It was *weird*.

I can't believe the way they make me feel. Never mind all the slash and that, never mind the stuff in our heads, the honest-to-goodness *reality* is that they are a band who make me feel like this. It's incredible, completely incredible.



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