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Bounce! Not.

Said this to asrana last night but it bears repeating* - it's once again reached the point where there's nothing to carry on for, but there's nothing to do but carry on.

wildeabandon lent me a book on Saturday which involved physically but not mentally identical twins (eventually one male, one female). I am currently discovering what it's like to know mentally identical twins (one male, one female) who aren't actually related. It's bizarre, extremely disconcerting, and makes me want to stay out of contact so I don't have to watch them being identical.
I would like to hide, now, please.
I do love you all lots, as you know, but I'm seriously considering backing out of the internet again. Partially I expect *because* I love you all lots.

So, yes. No point in anything and nothing to look forward to, even the things I should be looking forward to, and so on. Cheerful, isn't it? I'm sorry.

If only this *were* just melodramatic angst and I *didn't* really mean it.


* Because at least when I decide to quote something I've said before and liked the sound of, I don't try to pass it off as something original.

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