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Not one to resist a survey...

Stolen from diffrentcolours via katyha. Thank you!

last book you read: 'King Of Shadows' by Susan Cooper. Yes, I am twelve.
last movie you saw on the big screen: Have I been since The Royal Tenenbaums? No, don't think so.
last phone number you called: asrana.
last show you watched on TV: Bits of The Cosby Show earlier. ~shudder~
last song you heard: 'What About Us?', Brandy.
last thing you had to drink: Water
last thing you ate: Mini Milk! Really.
last time you cried: Well, now, sort of.
last time you smiled: I'm sure I have smiled properly today, just can't remember when.
last time you laughed: Last night.
last person you hugged: Sara.
last person you kissed: giolla. Though it nearly wasn't and yes, once again, I am kicking myself.
last thing you said: "Oh my god! That is such an insane idea! Oh, heck, million-to-one chances. Eeep." At the computer.
last person you talked to online: asrana.
last person you talked to on the phone: asrana.
last thing you smelled: Kitchen staff burning stuff. ~g~

Do you...
No, and never shall.
do drugs? Likewise.
drink? Not alcohol, no.
have sex? ~amused~ No.
sleep with stuffed animals? No.
have a crush? Not only do I have a crush, I'm in love with one person, and I've fallen for at least three. And stuff.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I don't know.
have a dream that keeps coming back? Bah. Whitby nightmares.
play an instrument? Only my voice these days.
believe there is life on other planets? No.
read the newspaper? Almost never.
have any gay or lesbian friends? The man has a point - they're mostly bisexual.
believe in miracles? No.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? It does depend on what you mean by faithful, but yes.
consider yourself tolerant of others? No.
like the taste of alcohol? Not in the least.
have a favourite Stooge? Never watched. Sorry. ~s~
believe in astrology? I don't think so, no.
believe in magic? Yes. Several kinds of.
pray? Not often.
go to church? Not if I can help it - churches terrify me.
have any secrets? Not that I know of.
have any pets? No.
go to or plan to go to college? Probably not.
have a degree? No.
wear hats? Not often, though I should as they look good.
have any piercings? Just my ears. And no more. Ever. Thank you. They *hurt*.
have any tattoos? Not yet.
hate yourself? Frequently.
have a "hot spot"? Doesn't everyone?
wish on stars? Not any more, it doesn't work.
like your handwriting? Yes, though most disagree. ~g~
have any bad habits? Probably.
believe in witches? I believe I have one or two on my friends list, am I right?
believe in Satan? Well, sort of. Yes.
believe in ghosts? Yes.
believe in Santa? No. I don't think I ever did.
believe in the Easter Bunny? "And at Easter we eat chocolate, because Jesus...er..." -approximate quote from Izzard
believe in the Tooth Fairy? I did used to. Not now.
have a second family? Yes. And a third. And so on.
trust others easily? Incredibly so. I seem to be almost unique in this.
like sarcasm? Me? Sarcasm? Yeah, right. As if.
take walks in the rain? Yes. I love the rain.
kiss with your eyes closed? ~laughs~ Do you know, I've no idea? Sometimes, apparently.


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