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Just had a *very big*...well, I can only describe it as a bitchfight, really, with one of the characters. Sample dialogue :
Me : "I don't know what your fucking problem is, you get this all the time, can't some of us bask in reflected glory occasionally?"
Him : "You're overreacting so much, god you're a really sad little bitch, aren't you, hoping for any scrap of affection you can get?"
It kind of degenerated from there. I lost. ~shrug~

Apart from that, things are probably ok, but since "that" was the only thing that had previously dragged my day above the "generic depression" line...~wry smile~

~slinks behind sofa to lick wounds~


I am ok though. Really. ~nods~ I promise. He's just...~exasperated shrug~

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