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I Will Not Start The Day With Angst. ~s~

Had a lovely and wonderful conversation with asrana last night, during which she stated the obvious and I was taken aback by it. So perhaps it wasn't that obvious. Or I was hoping it wasn't true. Or something. ~s~
I love her so much.

Hmm. There are so many people on LJ I want to get to know.
And some of them have really apalling spelling. ~g~
And/or extraordinary hair out of disturbing faery books from my childhood.

And then There Was I-am-a-territorial-kitten-back-the-heck-off angst this morning, and I blinked at myself and said "At what point did this become 'yours'?" And figured it was probably around half ten last night when asrana stated the obvious.
Not mine at all, really. Not at all.
~hides big sharp stick behind sofa~ Feel free to get as close as you want. ~sweet smile~

And May has 'Jane Says'! Yay! Finally I get a copy of that wonderful song...
Not to mention another copy of 'Dreams In Digital' by Orgy. Rah!

~kitten playfully bats ball of yarn around in front of a sign that says "Aren't I cute? Stroke me!"~
Really. No sharp sticks anywhere. Because, not mine. So not allowed to be territorial kitten. I know that. I do.
No sharp sticks. ~kittenhalo~


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