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She's BACK!

Thank GOD! Well, maybe not for you lot, but certainly for me. ~yawns~ God, I am so tired - a 23-hour coach journey through five countries over one night and containing 2 hours sleep spread across it...not enough.
Yah, we went, we saw, we found some conkers, and we sang a bit and put some Czech citizens to sleep and it was all very very VERY very boring and I have missed my life while I was away from it BUT:

I went. To a second-hand music shop. And found. A polaroid. With all five Durans in it. And all five little signatures around it in black pen.
And then I found a poster of Nick. With a not-so-little (but still utterly charming) signature, also in black pen.
I have two more Duran autographs - well, six more if you count all five on the polaroid - and it cost me £10 and I am SO overjoyed about this. ~cuddles Nick poster very, very gently~

Blah blah blah, I went to Cambridge, I sang a bit, I hid, I cried a lot, I read a couple of books and one of them made me want to go for walks with an invisible guy, so I did that; walked by the river and stood on bridges with him and held his hand and wished I could meet him for REAL, but I can't, and even if I could, he has stuff to be and people to do. (I told you I was tired - I think that was a bit wrong.) I went to Prague, I sang some more, I talked to Ashlin (finally!) and I think I'm getting over it (finally finally!) and I wrote out a lot of lyrics for asrana's tapes and I bought some old copies of Smash Hits and I laughed at John's appalling hair dye and I saw N&J again at last and I came back and I'm tired.

And asrana mailed me packets and packets of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And I love her to bits and pieces already, but now I love her even MORE. ~ggls~

And I missed you a lot.

And I have SO much more than that to say but...I'm really just too tired to type any more. I'm going to go wander round the egroups to see if anyone's posted anything.

I love you all...~many hugs~


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