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And a brief "5 things..." survey...

...because I want to post fairly harmless things just at the minute. Wonder why? ~g~

5 things you still have from when you were little
- ~laughs~ Most things. My collection of world dolls.
- the tapes my dad made for me.
- mum's LP of Souvenirs De Venise, which I used to go to sleep to
- all the videos of things I liked when I was six
- my makeup from the strange set I had aged five. Still works. ~g~

5 people you go to school/college with, and have known since first school
- Natra
- Fiona
- Zoe
- Asha
- no more, and in any case it matters little as none of them read this...

5 people on LJ you fancy/are attracted to
~laughs~ Trying to choose people who won't be offended...
- ciphergoth (No, really?)
- giolla
- wildeabandon
- kitty_goth
- wechsler.
And I'm sorry if anyone *is* offended. ~sigh~

5 things on your computer desk, other than your computer
- RSC calendar
- computer CDs
- a fake fur picture frame
- my silver medal for LAMDA
- spare jewellery boxes

5 people you have met in real life, after chatting online
- nightshade
- darkpooka
- aegidian
- Rebecca
- Fuchsia
(I took 'chatting' literally, so it doesn't include emails & such)

5 of your favourite TV shows as a kid
- T-Bag
- The Ink Thief
- Knightmare
- Captain Planet
- Bucky O'Hare
And if anyone else even remembers any of those other than Captain Planet, I'd love to know.

5 pop groups/singers you had teenybopper crushes on
- Robbie when he was in Take That
- Declan Donnelly
- Johnny Dean
- Jarvis Cocker
- Louise ~g~

Bored now.


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