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Oh yeah, *and*...

...you don't half see some strange people in Asda of a Friday night.

Strange Bloke #1 : Seemed to be a passing Admiral. Was wearing a long blue coat with epaulettes and such. Had long blond/brown hair tied in a high ponytail. Was really very attractive.

Strange Bloke #2 : Was wearing leggings and a corset. Would have thought he was a woman if it hadn't been for the moustache. Looked like a bonkers struggling artist; would have been beautiful but was a bit too greasy-looking.

Strange Bloke #3 : I turned round to find this one staring at me, which would have been unnerving under any circumstances but, had the sun not been out, I would have sworn he was Santino from the Vampire Chronicles. Mamma! He had a long black coat, black trousers, black poet shirt, a mass of black hair similar to Armand's but blacker-than-black and not so curly, and *huge* - I mean huge - black boots. He was....interesting. I'd probably have gone over to speak to him if I hadn't been panicking so much about how I was going to get back to school.

Oh, and I bought - wait for it - more nail varnish. ~ggls~ Revlon "Manic" (interesting combination of greens and shimmers) and "Zeitgeist", which is not only a great name but a great nail varnish the colour of oil slicks on the ground.

Tee hee hee.


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