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~waves exhaustedly~ Oh, dear.
I walked back from the Marina this evening because the study were too lazy to answer the phone, from which I was going to ask them to order me a taxi back, and because yes, I would rather walk scared to death on a route I've never taken before for half an hour than phone a taxi company and risk getting it wrong and being laughed at. And there's been other stress, but somehow, like usual, it's just not important enough - although it's been a big thing in my life - to get written about in here.
The upshot of all this is that I've a fucking awful tension headache. But...

I've started making more tapes for asrana. I *love* making people tapes. I really, really love it. ~happysigh~
Also, while I was in Asda I was looking around and I saw that the AllSTARS single is out! So I bought it! With the *rockin'* cover of ITSISK? on it! It's brilliant.
Also, I bought All Saints' last album because I'd been thinking this morning that I wished I could hear Black Coffee again and then I found the album in the bargain bin. ~s~ "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here...I wouldn't want to change...anything at all...I wouldn't want to take everything out on you...though I know I do...every time I fall..." It was...~sigh~ It was Nick and John's song when I first started RPing them properly. And I love it.
Also, a metal (kinda) band called Fear The Clown covered Come Undone and, though all the words are wrong (sigh), the cover is *fabulous*. Um. Sort of.
Also, I was recording stuff off May's CDs and found "Black Cloud" by Crazytown, they who did that interesting song "Butterfly". It's *beautiful*. So hey.
And tonight I may get to record "She Dreams In Digital" by Orgy.

And I just recorded "New Life" by Depeche Mode for asrana. It's such a fantastic, gloriously silly pop song...always makes me smile and bop around, even in my be-headached state.


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