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Er, bounce?

Well, mum and I rocked the house last night - they loved us. Lots of people said nice things. I bounced. It was, in the end, fun. So, yay!

But further yay. Mother was so proud of me last night that she has agreed to let me go to London next weekend - a certain Mr. Westmoreland of my idolisation is DJing at a club night I've always wanted to go to anyway, and it will be a chance to see wildeabandon, which is fantastic 'cause I didn't think I'd see her for ages, and, just ~bounce~!

And. I will be in London at the weekend. So. Not currently sure when and for how long I am spending time with wildeabandon, but if anyone else wanted to say hello or anything, that would be great. I'll be up there from Friday afternoon, so...I'll let you know plans as they appear, but if anyone wants to suggest anything...?

Apparently I'm happy. And we rocked last night. Go us!


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