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I have been so very very bouncy today, for many reasons, some of which I detailed earlier.
As well as this making me just melt...
(Val, I can never thank you enough for sending the list that link. asrana will tell you how much of a difference that made to my life. ~s~)
And I've been writing a story I thought was going nowhere fast! Not that it will mean anything to any of you, but I'm writing it...well...it was sort of Jewel's idea. And she wants to read it. So if I finally finish it at least I'll have an excuse to talk to her. ~s~
Yay. Happy. Happy. Yay.

~laughing at pictures of Warren's Knee Fetish and Nick's Shoulder Fetish~
~laughing at Simon's flower-power pants and dreadlock attempts~
~laughing at...well, just laughing at John~


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