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I really hope...

...the nice people decide sometime to share information with me.
Guessing is bad. Will not guess. Will try and stop thinking about it.
It's more interesting than Keats, though.
It's just that...it's either guess and be wrong or it's flatly refuse to believe.
We're erring on the side of flatly refuse to believe, at the moment. But that's natural.

"Wow, your mother's coming tonight, isn't she?"
"You must be so proud."
"Yes." (Read : What, that she's singing here? Yeah, it beats La Scala and Covent Garden hands down.)

I think I'm not going to lessons again today. I can't face school, I can't face the people. (Yes, I do realise I have it very easy here, and yes, I do realise how lucky I am.)

I feel like I'm going to fly apart any minute. I hate that.

What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.


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