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Life probably does get weirder than being allowed to stay up and watch music TV - yeah, just me - and flicking channels and catching Modern Romance playing on the Kenny Everett Show at midnight and then flicking to MTV2 and finding a special on banned videos and them showing 'Girls On Film'. On MTV2.
But I can't remember a *much* weirder couple of hours.

Yesterday was apparently 'let's-all-go-slightly-mad-and-get-a-piercing' day; Jules and Dasha got their tongues pierced, Sara got her lip pierced, and I think there were one or two others. This does not a happy Em make, and I'm trying not to freak too much, but it's hard. Eh. "No, I am really happy for you, and yes, it does look great. Now please go and hide your face in a paper bag until the end of term. Or I'll just go and hide in my room. Yeah, that's it."

Had a long chat with the HM last night about life the universe and dominos. Realised I don't have anything that makes me actually want to get up in the morning anymore. Except for LJ and the obvious people. This place is hopeless, everything we do is just sinking further into pointlessness. Argh.

Eh, Thursday, also business as usual. And I wasn't waiting up hoping anyone would call last night. Like I wasn't planning to be yesterday. Like I won't be tonight.
Not I.
Oh, I wish people would say what they mean.

Well, I am a frightened little kitten who wants to add people to her friends list but can't. ~s~ Frightened and vaguely depressed kitten. All hugs and comfortable laps to sit on and suchlike much appreciated.


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