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Oh. My.

We are going to be *very* warm and fuzzy today. For two reasons.

1, I awoke very slowly this morning, tried to stretch, and found that I couldn't, since I was completely wrapped up in duvet and Draco. Utterly entwined with someone is a very nice way to wake up, and it always makes me very happy.

2, Val just wrote me - at least, I assume she meant me, and I hope she did - the most incredibly beautiful story snippet, and I read it and cried and it is just....oh. When people write things for me...oh, and it's just...it's *them* and it's *now* and oh god *please* let it be real. ~s~ Damn idealist that I am.

And asrana rang last night and it was wonderful and ~cuddles asrana~ and...~sigh~...and I was Nick again. For a short time, and I don't think they're, like, *back* back yet, but...hey. At least I know they haven't abandoned me.

I wonder why I can RP Duran like a dream, but can't ever actually write any decent fanfic. Curiouser and curiouser.


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