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One good thing about my bad days...

...you lot have fewer entries to sift through. ~s~

Wednesday. Business as usual. Things are not okay. In a short while I've got to go and rehearse things with my mum and our absurd and awful director of music. Somehow I've got to put on bright & cheerful for mum. I'm getting better at it though...here's hoping she doesn't notice anything.

Insert lyrics to bad Oleta Adams song that I hate here.

I spent the morning in bed. I couldn't get up. I hate that. Motivation isn't something that happens to me anyway, but getting up and doing stuff that I actually *want* to do normally is. Although when I got up at midday and came downstairs to attempt to do something productive like watch TV, I was reminded why I hadn't - it was either non-stop J-Lo, or 'Blurry' by Puddle Of Mudd. Which had me in floods again in seconds. Gah.

Well, I can't hang around here all day. I have to go and find a voice.
And remember not to use it to tell anyone I'm falling for them.

I would like to hurt less, please. ~sigh~


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