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Love, music and Spanish.

1) In love, blah, not, blah, butterfly, blah, falling, blah, sigh.

2) Just seen a few things on music TV which made me blink. Eminem's new song is fabulous, and the video's mildly hysterical - I'm much impressed, and it has reminded me why I liked him so much. Brian Molko's doing guest vocals on a track with *appalling* lyrics, by The Alpinestars, but it's a decent song musically and it's good to hear his voice again. The best thing, though, was switching to SHTV and seeing Russell Watson (popular-opera tenor type) doing a duet with Faye Tozer, ex-of Steps. I suppose they think they're doing a Freddie/Monserrat 'Barcelona' type, but it comes out more like 'Save Your Love' by Renee and Renato.

3) Um, LJ on here's in Spanish. Anyone know how I can get it to change back to English? I couldn't find it on the help pages...I did try...


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