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Well...it was a weekend...

Despite its having had a rather exasperating start, Saturday was very very wonderful. We went to watch the last night of Cats, relayed into Covent Garden, and had a generally lovely day and fabulous evening and, just, YAY!
I fall further in love with giolla every minute. I'm sure most of you find it absolutely sickening. I do hope so. ~grin~

Started badly, finished...well, oh my.
If I were to actually try and write down most of my feelings about Sunday, they'd turn into the most incoherent journal entry I've ever written - which most of you will know would be an impressive achievement.
Well, I went out to sit and admire ciphergoth and friends.
ciphergoth was unashamedly lovely to me, which was, well, nice, and I swear that his very incredible boyfriend is trying to see if he can get me to drop dead just from looking at his clothes, and ergotia was terribly kind, and, well, countess_sophia was there, which was, well, nice, and...~watches sentence trail off~
And I met ajva! Yay! And briefly saw kitty_goth and pure_mourning! *Yay* yay! And met wechsler and valkyriekaren! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Oh, and I will say that on Sunday, I happened to see the single most attractive man walking on this earth.
I did have words, but they were all "Oh. My god."

Have returned to find that I could have seen fluffymark that day, and am most annoyed with my father for not telling me beforehand. ~sigh~ But had I done that I would have missed out on seeing ciphergoth...
...so many pretty people, so little time. ~g~

~waves hands expressively~ It's all too beautiful...

Good weekend. Yes.


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