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Well said, and that.

Randomly found this as part of a rant by some bloke, but it answered a few questions I've been asking for ages. ~g~ It was in reply to a "God-the-80s-were-awful" thread. And he said...

I never owned a Cabbage Patch Doll, or a Transformer, or a Garbage Pail Kid, or a sodding Care Bear, I never wore pastels or
shoes-without-socks, I never owned Madonna or Cyndi Lauper records, I never watched "ALF", never liked Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy, never heard of bizarre rituals involving the breakage of rubber bracelets (and never owned any of them either), never owned Fildo Dildo ANYthing. I used to refer to shoulder pads as "shoulder melanomas" and removed them poste haste. And you know I'm still not completely sure that I know what a Ra-Ra skirt actually _is_? Yes, I had "big hair" toward the arse-end of the decade, but it was big hair in the style of Patricia Morrison, NOT anyone from Dynasty.

The Eighties *I* grew up in was full of wondrous bands, excellent
basslines, lots of black clothes, pointy-toed boots, spiky hair,
experimentation and being called a freak on an alarmingly regular basis.

1982, my preferred "uniform" was black leather pants, black suede pointy bootees, one of Granddad's old shirts and a big black pinstriped suit jacket with the cuffs rolled up to my wrists - rabbi hat optional (and I can attest that simply wearing a hat in public was enough to get you stared at and called a freak in Greensborough shopping centre back then). After the leather pants and the suede bootees died, (*sniff*) I had an excellent pair of black pants with silver rivets down the side of each leg and I purchased my first pair of buckle boots at the same time as my first big black frock coat. My favourite bands - Duran Duran,
Japan, Bauhaus, The Cure, Culture Club, Echo & the Bunnymen, Specimen, Tenpole Tudor, PiL, The Models and a billion others.

He goes on to say, rightly,
Remember - the mainstream is _always_ crap. It was crap yesterday, it's crap today and it'll be just as crap tomorrow.

Well, go him. Every time I say I love the 80s, people groan - because they're thinking of the Dynasty shoulderpads, the Cabbage Patch Kids (have you ever seen a more revolting-looking doll? They looked like they were made out of hardened blancmange) and so on. I'm fed up with it, so was he, and I feel better now. ~g~


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