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Just one cornetto, give it to meeeeee....

Oh, look. There's a photograph of Madonna, she was born a Roman Catholic, that's an Italian religion. Oh, look, there's some Italian money by my desk. Oh, look, there's Coca-cola, it was originally marketed in Italy. Oh, look, there's a hairdryer with Italian instructions. Oh, look, there's a doll I got in Italy. Oh, look, I'm about to go off and record voiceovers for a language CD-Rom for kids in - guess where?

Not that everything I see is making me think of Italy or anything. And not that I wish I were there at all.

~sigh~ This is really very very sad, and I can't help but feel a little like that mad Frenchwoman who was convinced George V was in love with her.

ANYway. Yes. Working today recording in Hove which is going to be *fun*, I hope. I dearly love recording and there are those who believe I should make a career out of it. But hey - for the moment, I'm just making my way on a wing and a prayer through the pages of an hysterically bad script, and getting paid £300 for it, which can't be bad. So now you know.

I'm also very happy because yesterday I went into town and I bought some more records (well over 1000 now!) including two Duran Duran 12"s (which I can hardly ever find) and a Moloko CD which, having just seen it in Woolworth's priced £14.99, I picked up in a second hand shop for £3. I also bought a Have I Got News For You video which is keeping the family laughing at the moment, and also providing me with more footage of the divine, adorable and wonderfully funny British comic Mr. Tony Slattery, star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and, at particularly low career moments, star of the Watch It And Win clips on The Krypton Factor, my favourite - and sadly no more - gameshow.

Right. Off now to fine my CD walkman and look over this truly awful script. I think dad and my favourite line is probably :

"Gosh! A cod's hit me in the face! And it's frozen, too!"

Thank God I don't have to say that...


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