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Oh, my.

Will spare the public details of the most recent distraction as there is a really really tiny possibility that the most recent distraction may be part of the public, but we are very, very distracted. ~grin~
And then There Was further commentage, and I bounced, and had pictures, and Will Not Like People, because I have Sense. Of course.
Um, am I convincing anybody here? Thought not.
~blinks~ Oh. Oh dear. I might be starting to like the wrong person. I mean, obviously, it's wrong for me to like anybody, but there's a couple in my head and I was expecting to like one of them and, well, while trying not to I seem to have gone too far the other way.
Oh dear.
Er, sorry. ~worries~

So, anyway. Um. Distracted. Yes. If everyone in my head would stop being so darned pretty...
...then I'd probably be sulking, wouldn't I? Ah well. ~g~

I love music. ~cuddles music~ I love Kate. ~hugs Kate~ I love you lot. ~blows kisses at Friends list~
Love. ~nods~


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