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I stole this survey off asrana. It has more than 300 questions. I'm doing it for my own amusement, I'm not expecting anybody to read it, I don't want anyone complaining about how long it is (that's what cut tags are for) and I'll still love you all just as much if you just carry on past this post. OK? Good.

I mean it. Stop now. ~nods~ Most of it's about music, the rest of it's even less interesting. ~g~ Please. I'd rather spare you.

I stole this survey off asrana. It has more than 300 questions. I'm doing it for my own amusement, I'm not expecting anybody to read it, I don't want anyone complaining about how long it is (that's what cut tags are for) and I'll still love you all just as much if you just carry on past this post. OK? Good.

I mean it. Stop now. ~nods~ Most of it's about music, the rest of it's even less interesting. ~g~ Please. I'd rather spare you.

[01] what's your first name?: Emily
[02] middle name?: Hannah
[03] last name?: Woolf
[04] nicknames?: Em, and varieties thereof
[06] gender?: Confused
[07] birthday?: 19/06/84
[08] your sign?: Gemini
[09] where do you live?: Here
[10] do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Apparently not.
[11] if so what's her/his name?:
[12] have you ever been in love?: Many times.
[13] who are/were your crushes?: LOL Which ones?
[14] do you have any piercings, or want any piercings?: One in each ear. No more no more no more no more no more...never again.
[15] if so what do you have/want pierced?:
[16] do you have a tattoo or want one?: Don't have one, but I would seriously consider getting one.
[17] if so what kind and where?: Part of the problem - I've no idea.
[18] where do you shop at the most?: HMV! ~bounce~
[19] what color is your hair?: Dark blonde.
[20] what color are your eyes?: Blue/grey/green.
[21] how tall are you?: 6'
[23] do you smoke?: No.
[24] do your friends smoke?: Many of them.
[25] who are your closest friends?: ~shrug~ Depends.
[26] who are your friends?: Lots of people.
[27] who are your best friends online?: The people on my Friends list. Duh.
[28] do you like bath & body works?: As compared to what?
[29] kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?: Nicky Clarke.
[30] is your hair short or long?: Longish.
[31] do you like to shop?: I'd just put an enthusiastic "Yes!" when I realised the question didn't specify where...
[32] what sports do you play?: Verbal fencing.
[33] what turns you on?: Many things. Velvet. Knives. Certain voices.
[34] what turns you off?: Equally, many things.
[35] what place do you go for fun?: Music shops!
[36] what do you do for fun?: Listen to music, talk to friends.
[37] how many phones do you have in your house?: Um...six?
[38] how many tv's do you have in your house?: One.
[39] what's your favorite food(s)?: ~shrug~
[40] do you look like anyone famous?: Not that I know of.
[41] do you think ricky martin is muy guapo (very handsome)?: No, but he's relatively pretty. Sometimes.
[42] who are the most attractive people you know?: Um. Um? I think my definitions are different to most people's.
[43] are you a virgin?: Yes.
[44] do you wish to be like your parents?: In many respects, yes.
[45] what cologne should a hot guy wear?: ~laughs at G's answer~ I don't know, I like so many of them.
[46] what are you listening to right now?: Ruth on the piano in the hall.
[47] what time is it?: 13:42
[48] how many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone?: Depends entirely.
[49] do you have your own phone line?: No.
[50] have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex?: Yes.
[51] what are your favorite shoes?: Why do they always ask this? ~baffled~
[52] what kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any?: Same answer as always.
[53] what's your favorite soda?: Coke!
[54] what things do you say a lot?: ~s~ Miaow. And...so...um...yeah. So anyway.
[56] who is the coolest person in the world?: Boy George, without doubt.
[57] do you think you're weird or funny?: Yes.
[58] what would you prefer thong or bikini?: ~shrug~ On me, neither. On anyone else, whatever looks good, I probably wouldn't notice.
[59] who was the last person you called?: asrana
[60] where do you wanna get married?: Nowhere.
[61] who is the hottest girl/guy in your school?: Gemma, but so many people would disagree with me there.
[62] what are your favorite girl names?: Rhiannon, Bethany, Sarah, Sarai, and most names that end in 'a'.
[63] what are your favorite guy names?: Dominic, Stefan, Sefton, Ben, Sebastian, Christian, Tristan, Daniel, Sasha. (There are a couple of hundred of them actually, but hey.)
[64] what's your worst memory in the past 5 years?: Sarah dying.
[65] what's your favorite childhood memory?: I don't remember any specific good thing.
[66] what is your favorite fast food restaurant?: KFC.
[67] who do you really hate?: People who hurt people I love.
[68] do you have any brothers and sisters?: Two half-brothers.
[69] if so, names?: Padmavyuha and Adam.
[70] do you have a pool?: No.
[71] do you have a spa?: No.
[72] are you stupid?: Not usually.
[73] what are you addicted to?: LJ, coke, love, stalkage, certain feelings.
[74] do you like jewelry?: Oh, GOD yes.
[75] who do you wish you were?: Um...being George would have been fantastic...or Marilyn...but I'm starting to be happier with being me.
[76] who has it easier, boys or girls?: Boys.
[77] would you rather be short or tall?: Tall!
[78] do you like to dance?: Yes.
[79] do you like playing pranks on people?: No, no, no, a thousand times no. Pranks are anathema to me. Except in one instance, of which more later.
[80] what's your least favorite subject in school?: It was Biology. Now it's probably Latin.
[81] what's your favorite subject in school?: English.
[82] what time is it?: 13:50.
[83] what college do you wanna go to?: I don't.
[84] what school do you go to now?: Roedean.
[85] do you have a playstation or nintendo 64?: God, no.
[85] if so, what are your favorite games?:
[87] do you sleep a lot?: More than I used to.
[88] what are your favorite radio stations?: Radio 2, Wave 105.2 and Heart 106.2.
[89] are you a night person?: Yes.
[90] are you a morning person?: Yes. Just not an afternoon person.
[91] what's your favorite tv station?: MTV2?
[92] do you shave?: Yes.
[93] how often do you shower?: Pretty much once a day.
[94] do you get along with your parents?: As much as any teenager.
[95] what room do you spend the most time in?: My room.
[96] how many rooms does your house have?: Twenty or so.
[97] what do you wanna be when you're out of school?: Famous!
[98] do you curse a lot?: More than I used to.
[99] are you ticklish?: Horribly.
[101] what are you wearing right now?: Black. Surprised?
[102] do you go to church?: Almost never. Hate churches. Yes.
[103] do you like the person who sent you this?: I stole it from asrana, and I love her into ickle tiny little bitty pieces and all back together again. With bows on.
[104] do you believe in God?: No.
[105] do you like to watch pda?: Eh?
[106] do you show pda?: Eh?
[107] do you believe in love at first sight?: Not any more.
[108] what color tooth brush do you use?: White.
[109] how many times a day do you brush your teeth?: Depends.
[110] who is your favorite cartoon character?: Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare! He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare...~ahem~
[111] do you have a job?: No.
[112] have you hugged your muse today? My muse this morning was someone unhuggable. ~smiles~ But I did kneel and kiss his hand, so, FSVO, yes.
[113] what's your favorite fruit?: Apples, if I have to have anything.
[114] what's your favorite veggies?: Potatoes - they're so versatile!
[115] what's your favorite candy?: Can't decide.
[116] what was the best day of your life so far?: The Monday I spent at giolla's. ~shrug~
[117] what are you gonna do today?: Finish this, later though, as I have more lessons. YAY! Wednesday over soon! Yay!
[118] are you momma's little angel?: To an extent.
[119] do you wear body spray?: No.
[120] who is the sweetest girl?: Um...Tasha.
[121] who is the sweetest guy?: fluffymark.
[122] are you wearing nail polish now?: No. Left all my makeup at home.
[123] if so, what color?:
[124] how many rings or necklaces do you own?: Tons. Jewellery! Pretty! Sparkly! Ahem.
[125] do you wear a watch?: Always.
[126] did/do you have braces?: Never. I was good. ~halo~
[127] are you tired?: No...'m bouncy! ~bounces~
[129] do you have freckles?: No.
[130] what are you thinking right now?: That I wish I didn't have to go to English so I could finish this, that I miss my butterfly, that I want Friday NOW but it's coming closer anyway...
[131] are you having fun?: Oh, yes. I love surveys! ~hugs survey~
[132] what time is it?: 13:59
[133] who makes you laugh?: Many people.
[134] who's your favorite teacher?: Mr. Back and Mrs. Larkin.
[135] Altoid? ...I hope there was another half of this question...
[136] what is the best concert you have ever been to?: DURAN! Actually it wasn't, it was the CC/ABC/HL one. The HL ROCKED the house...they were fabulous.
[137] what is your favorite dream?: The one the other night is right up there.
[138] what is your worst dream?: I've had several really bad ones.
[139] are you tired of filling this out yet?: Not in any way.
[140] who of your friends do you think will get bored with this?: I don't think anyone apart from G will read it...I'm not even expecting giolla to get through more than about the first hundred questions. ~g~ I don't really want anyone to read it, I just like doing them.
[141] who sent this lovely survey to you?: Stole it from G.
[142] what's your worst memory as a little kid?: Um...get back to you on that.
[143] have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on?: Yes/no.
[144] do you believe in santa claus?: No.
[145] do you believe in ghosts?: Yes.

what's better? choose one or neither

[146] rap or r&b?: Eminem's new single is out and has reminded me why I tolerate him.
[147] pop or rock?: Pop, marginally.
[148] rock or metal?: Eh...I actually prefer much metal to generic stadium-rock.
[149] classical or jazz?: Classical.
[150] hanson or manson?: Manson. Or Mansun.
[151] koRn or 311?: Eeeeeeee. KoRn. Barely.
[152] no doubt or garbage?: Garbage, just since they've been consistently good.
[153] jewel or fiona apple?: I hate them both.
[154] offspring or nine inch nails?: NIN. Haven't heard much NIN but it's got to be better than Offspring.
[155] sugar ray or tool?: Tool! Tool are *good*, and Sugar Ray recently embarrassed me hugely. Bastards.
[156] backstreet boys or *nsync?: Eh...can't choose.
[157] joey mcintyre or jordan knight?: Oh, horror. Um. Jordan.

your opinions

[158] what do you think about boy bands?: It really does depend which one. *NSync are a boyband but I like them lots; Westlife have *no* redeeming features. ~shrug~
[159] what do you think about country?: I really loathe most of it, though occasionally it surprises me.
[160] what do you think about heavy metal?: I think the definition has changed considerably over the years. Dani from CoF recently referred to their music as "heavy funk". I'll wait until I understand it again.
[161] what do you think about rap?: Not a big fan of most of it, I have to say. I actually prefer white rap. ~grin~
[162] what do you think about r&b?: There are occasional moments of genius (P!nk), fantastic singer-songwriters I just don't happen to like (Alicia Keys), and much utter rubbish.
[163] do you think nkotb are coming back?: I don't think so.

yes or no

[164] like hanson?: Ish.
[165] like *nsync?: Yes.
[166] like backstreet boys?: Yes.
[167] like koRn?: Not really.
[168] like orgy?: YES! They're a fantastic band! ~bounces~
[169] like sugar ray?: No.
[170] like metalica?: Not only can I tolerate them, I can also spell them. ~rolls eyes~
[171] like no doubt?: Now, yes.
[172] like britney spears?: Yes.
[173] like aaron carter?: No, no, no.
[174] like b*witched?: Only one or two songs.
[175] like joey mcintrye?: No.
[176] like jordan knight?: No.
[177] like busta rymes?: God, no.
[178] like offspring?: No.
[179] like ricky martin?: Yes, generally.
[180] like coolio?: No, no, no.
[181] like janet jackson?: Ish. Most of her songs are bearable.
[182] like spice girls?: I like their songs, but can't stand them. Odd. I know.
[183] like all saints?: Only two songs, the rest were awful.
[184] like c-note?: American band I've never heard, I assume.
[185] like 98?: 98 Degrees, I think that was meant to be. No.
[186] like 5ive?: Ish.
[187] like tlc?: No. (G, what do you mean "no idea"??!)
[188] like take 5?: No.
[189] like moffats?: No.
[190] like jennifer love hewit?: No, but I can spell her name, too.
[191] like dixie chicks?: No.
[192] like mariah carey?: No, although some of her early songs were ok.
[193] like eyc?: No.
[194] like brandy?: She's a good singer.
[195] like eminem?: Yes.
[196] like shania twain?: Not much.
[197] like monica?: No.
[198] like mya?: ~shrug~ Not really.
[200] like blessed unions of soul?: LOL No.
[201] like bare naked ladies?: I *hate* that band. Ugh, cynical American rock.
[202] like robbie williams?: I used to, when he had decent songs that nobody liked, and now that he's really successful I can't stand him.
[203] like sixpence none the richer?: ~shrug~ Bearable in small doses.
[203 MORE] like limp bizkit?: Yes.
[203a] do you like the beach boys?: Sort of.
[203b] do you like def leppard?: Yes.
[203c] do you like whitesnake?: No.
[203d] do you like queen?: Yes.
[203e] do you like elton john?: No.
[203f] do you like R?KETMAN?: ...?
[203g] do you like depeche mode?: Yes.

[204] how many cd's do you have?: Over 100.
[205] what cd's are in your cd player?: OMD's Greatest Hits.
[206] how many tapes do you have?: Over 400.
[207] do you own videos of your favorite group?: Yes.
[208] do you record your favorite group when they're on tv?: Always.
[209] are you obsessed with your favorite group/singer/band?: Of course!
[210] what's the oldest group/singer you are still listening to? Eh...Bowie.
[211] are most of your friends music freaks?: Not really.
[212] what do you think of the girls and the whole teeny bopper thing?: It doesn't bother me at all, since I'd have been like that had Duran been around at the right time for me.
[213] have you ever paid for a pay-per-view?: No.
[215] do you ever buy merchandise of your favorite group?: Yes.
[216] what tv station is better...mtv or vh1?: MTV out of those two.
[217] what is the worst show on mtv?: ~shrug~ I prefer it when they just play music.
[218] what is the best show on mtv?: Ditto.
[219] if you could marry any music person who would it be?: George!
[220] what is the worst cd you own?: Eh...Depeche Mode's 'Songs Of Faith And Devotion'. I hate it. ~shrug~
[221] what's your favorite movie soundtrack?: Labyrinth.
[222] friend(s) that looks most like you?: ~shrug~
[223] friend(s) you go to for advice?: asrana, wildeabandon, sashajwolf, May, Tasha, Sara.
[224] friend(s) you have the most fun with?: ~laughs~ Define "fun"...
[225] friend(s) you can do nothing with and still have fun with?: asrana, Sara, giolla, wildeabandon.
[226] friend(s) you've dreamt about?: Most of them, at some point.
[228] friend(s) you tell your secrets to?: I have no secrets - I'd tell pretty much anyone who asked.
[229] boxers or briefs?: Never understood why anyone cares.
[230] long or short hair?: Long, generally, although there's some people who it just wouldn't suit.
[231] dark or blonde?: I prefer dark, but again...actually, prefer long dark hair and short blonde hair. ~shrug~ On guys, anyway.
[232] tall or short?: Tall, preferably.
[234] mr. sensitive or mr. funny?: Sensitive, as that usually includes the ability to make me laugh, while the stereotype "mr. funny" would probably just be an idiot who'd get on my nerves.
[235] good guy or bad guys?: Bad guys. Almost without exception.
[236] dark or light eyes?: Doesn't matter - I never notice that.
[237] hat or no hat?: ~laughs and laughs~
[238] ears pierced or no?: Hmm...I do like it if it suits them, but it's not something I tend to think about.
[239] tan or fair?: Eeeeee. Fair. Like, white. *White* white.
[240] freckles or none?: ~shrug~
[241] stubble or neatly shaved?: No facial hair. In the world. Ever. ~shudder, shudder, shudder~
[242] rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type?: Neither.
[243] all american, homey g, or grunge?: ~laughs~ We're in England. Can I go with vampire?
[245] accent or american?: ~laughs~ English, preferably.

on preferences

[246] mt. dew or surge?: Coke!
[247] mcdonalds or burger king?: McDonalds.
[248] coke or pepsi?: Coke!
[249] rather marry the perfect lover or perfect friend?: Perfect friend.
[250] sweet or sour?: Both.
[251] chocolate or vanilla?: Vanilla....miaow...
[252] tea or coffee?: Tea!
[253] sappy/action/comedy/horror?: Sword & sorcery epic?
[254] cats or dogs?: Cats...
[256] cool ranch or nacho cheese?: Cool original.
[257] mud or jello wrestling?: ~shudder~ Men! Honestly.
[258] with or without ice-cubes?: ....to what, exactly, are you referring?
[260] milk/dark/white chocolate?: White...~purrs~
[261] shine or rain?: Shine through rain.
[262] top or bottom?: You're asking me?
[263] favorite season?: It probably is Summer, much as I hate to admit it.
[264] strawberry or cherry?: Strawberry, but I like neither.
[265] skiing or boarding?: Neither.
[267] cake or cookies?: Cake. Probably?
[268] cereal or toast?: Toast.
[269] car or truck?: Car.
[270] night or day?: Night!
[271] gloves or mittens?: ....gloves. Um. Anyway.
[272] pager or cell phone?: Cell phone, obviously.
[273] bunk bed or waterbed?: Would someone please explain this waterbed thing to me?
[274] chewing gum or hard candy?: Hard candy.
[275] motor boat or canoe? Canoe! God, I miss canoeing.
[276] lights on or off?: Candles...

what's your favorite?

[277] what's your favorite color?: Black, purple, electric blue.
[278] what's your favorite number?: 3, 7.
[279] what's your favorite drink?: Coke!
[280] what's your favorite animal?: Cats and snakes.
[281] what's your favorite holiday?: Hallowe'en.
[282] what's your favorite quote?: "Did nobody warn you, boy? Love's in vogue again, my love..."
[283] what's your favorite sound?: Synthesisers!
[284] what's your favorite ice cream flavor?: Most things are good, so long as they don't have too much chocolate.
[285] what's your favorite song ever?: Couldn't possibly answer that.
[286] what's your favorite book?: The Belgariad series by David Eddings.
[287] what's your favorite movie?: VG.
[288] what's your favorite tv show?: NMTB.
[289] what's your favorite radio station?: Um, I answered this up ^there.
[290] what's your favorite place?: Anywhere that houses an asrana, a giolla or a wildeabandon...
[291] what's your favorite game?: ~grin~ Never mind.
[292] what's your favorite scent?: Vanilla, melting butter....~purrs~
[293] what's your favorite food?: Can't beat a good Chinese.
[294] what's your favorite shape?: Star...
[295] what's your favorite texture?: Velvet. And anything sharp.
[296] what's your house gonna look like?: Like it does now.
[297] where are you gonna live?: Home.
[298] how many kids do you want?: None. At all. Ever.

on relationships

[299] what does your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend look like?: Um, giolla? Well, it's true...
[300] how do they act?: Um...there's going to be a pattern here, right?
[301] where is your dream date?: Been there, done that.
[302] do you like to call or be called?: Be called, but only because I get so nervous about calling people.
[304] move anywhere, where would it be?: London I guess, but I don't want to move.

~blinks~ Hey! And suddenly, it was the end...

I hope nobody read all the way through this....I'm really sorry if they did...


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