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Character appreciation and school exasperation, skip at will.

(I take it this is some kind of you-like-me-too-much punishment? Fair enough.)
Last night I watched Kate at his absolute *best*. Sometimes he really surprises me. He coped with so much last night and I was so proud of him. And I hope Roisin has a serious headache, having turned up at just after midnight with a collapsed Midge Ure and expecting Kate to help. Honestly! ~shakes head~ Kate had enough to deal with last night.
Yay Kate! I think he got rewarded perfectly well last night anyway, mind you. ~grin~

Not yay the school, though. My mother's singing at a concert for the opening of this part of the school, in a week and a bit. We'd assumed they'd got pretty much everything organised. Silly us. Now, a poster's just gone up saying "Anyone who can do anything, musically, um, please come and perform, 'cause we don't have anyone!" Which has led to people offering to perform things like '21 Seconds' by the So Solid Crew and the like...all very nice, but hardly the thing the visiting heads of prep schools want to see. ~strained smile~ I don't know whether to try and step in or not...it's not really any of my business except that mum and I are singing in it...

~throws rose petals at Kate~


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