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If Monday's bad and Tuesday's floods of tears, and my worst days are supposed to be Wednesday and Thursday...
Um, 'trepidation' doesn't even begin to cover this.
Yes. It's entirely my fault that I'm this unhappy today. I was an idiot last night and I just shouldn't have checked LJ this morning, is all. But the thought that I might not check LJ? Ridiculous. ~s~


Not sure where all this leaves me. I'm used to the falling-in-love thing. Doesn't mean I like it. Doesn't mean I like the feeling that my heart is held between two branding irons. Doesn't mean I like crying and crying until I have no tears left. Doesn't mean I like jealousy like a slap in the face. Doesn't mean I like the constant reminder of how little I matter.
I wish I could stop doing it.


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