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I am in awe of music's ability to make me happy.
And also to make me sad.
And also to evoke a whole other bunch of emotions.

Like, I'm actually curious, and I'd love it if anyone took the time to answer this.

What song or songs make you feel...

...like dancing?

Are there any songs or artists you can only listen to on your own?

What's the first song you can remember hearing?

What was the first single you ever bought?

What's your favourite music video?

What song evokes the strongest memory for you?

Have you ever fallen in love to a song?

What's your least favourite song?

Who do you think is the most overrated singer/group ever?

Who do you think is the most underrated?

What's the most unexpected band, artist or song that you like?

I could go on with this for about four hours, but I'm betting nobody will answer it anyway, so there *really* wouldn't be any point. ~g~


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