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Stalkage, well. Nobody gets geekier than Cilla. ~cuddles awfully *awfully* geeky Cilla~
Why did everyone keep taking pictures of this unattratctive just-rolled-out-of-bed-in-a-haystack 16-year-old? Perhaps he's someone important that I've just overlooked. Or perhaps the rest of the world finds him desperately attractive. I don't know.
And There Was half a Roisin, and it made me grin.
And then I was looking at a photo of I-don't-know-who and saw a familiar face. Actually I first saw a different familiar face, one of the strangest faces I've ever seen so I always recognise him. And then. Well, and then there was meepage. ~meep~ Am I just out of my head regarding his prettiness? Does nobody else think like me? Ah well.
Alas, no Steve. ~makes gesture of general woe~

Cristal is playing Rachmaninov in the hall. It must be so difficult. It's a fantastic piece.

I miss my butterfly.


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