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Oh, and -

first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Neal.
last word you said: "Marvellous."
last song you sang: 'Eleanor Rigby', The Beatles.

what's in your cd player: OMD's greatest hits.
what color socks are you wearing: I'm not.
what's under your bed: Dust and a copy of the Kama Sutra. *Still*. I must get rid of that.
what time did you wake up today: I don't know. But Steve woke up at five and then was generally cute and fuzzy until Cilla persuaded him to try and go back to sleep. It was *damn* cute.

where do you want to go: London baby!
what is your career going to be: Singing, I hope.
where are you going to live: Home. I couldn't leave that house.
how many kids do you want: None. Ever.
what kind of car will you have: Don't want to drive, thanks.

-At the moment-
current mood: bizarrely jealous
current music: choir murdering something in the hall
current taste: apple juice
current hair: the usual
current clothes: Black sandals, black skirt, Culture Club shirt.
current annoyance: Getting upset by the oddest things.
current smell: ~shrug~ 's the computer room.
current longing: Sorry, but if I told you, I'd be in so much trouble.
current desktop picture: Treize and Zechs, still, at home.
current favorite artist: Tiga!
current book: Have plans to start in on Wizard Of Earthsea again, which I found this weekend at home.
current crush: ~grin~ Guess?
current time-wasting wish: Time spent with friends is never wasted, but, that.
current hate: Myself, again, for getting upset by this, and stuff.

I think...I think it's partly my absolute need for extremes. All the way one way, or not that way at all. Right now I'm kind of...hovering. I don't like that, so I feel like it would be better if I could take it *all* the way the other way.
But I couldn't, I don't think, because...I'm just not right for that. I *think*.
But I'm not sure, and that's what's killing me.

That and the fact that *I'm* the one that unlocks people. *Me*.


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