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It's going to be, like, The Subject That Everyone Avoids, isn't it?
I just know it.
There are no pictures and there will be no pictures.
Nobody will mention it. Perhaps they've all forgotten it.
But I, I know. I know. And I didn't want to *know*, even though I did already sort of know. Because...I know things. I'm like that.
But did I have to hear it?
I lied. There are pictures. There are pictures in my head and they will.not.leave.

Oh, and our stupid, stupid, stupid, pathetic, pointless Summer Ball can go to hell. Straight to hell. I'll buy it tickets.
I feel like destroying everything to do with it. Which would be a *bad* idea. Lots of people have worked hard on organising it. Some people might even enjoy it.
For me, though, it won't be glitter that hangs in the air above my head, it will be "What if", and you all know how much fun that is.

Why is this upsetting me so much?


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