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"Obsessive personality"? What, me?

Still, it's nice when people don't laugh at you. Or at least, don't tell you they are. Or something. ~smile~

Not so good; I went to sleep for a little while and had a charming dream where I was lying flat on the ground and suddenly hundreds of needles started growing out of the ground and through me.
I'm not good with needles. Also I can't usually feel anything in dreams (I've never been sure why) but this hurt.
Ah well. Last night's more than made up for that. ~grin~

Midge gets sweeter every photograph - except when without makeup, when he looks like a cross between Richard E Grant and Will Self. Not good.

Be kind, and if you know of any sets of Whitby photos from this most recent one, send me a link? Please? I'll love you all forever anyway, but just that little bit more...~g~



And would somebody *please* teach that miserable antagonistic excuse for a Lloyd-Webber extra to *spell*? ~exasperated~

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