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Wow. What a dream. Oh, wow.

I dreamed I went to a Whitby stalkers' fan-convention.
Like, all the people in the world who've seen pictures of pretty people at Whitby all converged on this big conference centre that looked alarmingly like Crystal Palace. I went with my darling asrana. (Who later morphed into hopeless French pop tart Alizee, but no offence intended love, I promise. ~g~)
And we all sort of wandered around looking at each other, because what we were waiting for, of course, was for all the Whitby goths we'd been stalking to show up. ~grin~ There was to be a Stalkage Procession, in short. So that we could all actually see them in person.
And suddenly there was a bell, and we all went to take our seats to watch this wonderful procession. I love my subconscious; it got me into the front row. ~g~ Basically although the chairs were all covered over, the walkway up which the goths were coming was a path out into the grounds, which were very royal-palace-gardens. And there were two blocks of chairs and the procession came up the path and continued between the two blocks of chairs, so everyone would see everyone.
asrana was on my right and the closest to the path. We could see *everybody*.
So there was this whole procession of painfully elegant and beautiful goths. ~nods~ It was very pretty indeed. Highlights included Midge Ure in my favourite of his outfits, ciphergoth (who is always going to be a highlight of anything, but looked ridiculously stunning), Cilla, etc etc.
And then we looked towards the end of the procession, and there were some goths on horseback.
Now, there's a young man whose prettiness I've been steadfastly denying for a while. But let me tell you, if you dressed him up in a grey silk prince's outfit and put him on horseback, he'd be absolutely irresistably deadly. ~nods~ We couldn't work out quite what was going on, but then there were gunshots and we realised that this, like a sudden random step back in time, was this really-he's-not-pretty man and his henchmen trying to apprehend - I am not kidding - a highwayman.
Who was The Stalkage With No Name, and is therefore now going to be known as Adam Ant. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.
Well, I've gone on about how I've never seen anyone more beautiful than giolla; I can now safely say I've never seen anyone more devastatingly gorgeous than this guy. He was...it was straight out of a film. And it was all sort of fading, because I was waking up, but I somehow knew that he wasn't really meant to be in 2002, and he'd accidentally travelled in time once, and had to stay. Or decided to. Or something.

I'm so very going to the next Whitby. Oh, my, yes.


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