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It's been such a beautiful day. I hope my butterfly managed to enjoy it...

And There Was a picture of Steve Jansen that is just too, too, too, too fucking beautiful. Like, there are only two men on earth more beautiful than this man. (And I belong to one of them! Go me!) He just...I just...wow. So pretty. And, with Marillion? Wow. Really. Ahem. Next Whitby. Must. Go.

Today I got the third in a series of the best spam titles in the world. The previous two ("Help!! My Husband's Prize Cock Ran Off to Join the Circus!" and "Is your nest egg starting crack?") have now been joined by "Where's Your 'Bacteria Spreading' Plunger?"...
Introducing PlungeMate - the world's first decorative antibacterial plunger cover...



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