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Home sweet home.

Full name: Emily Hannah Woolf
Nicknames: Em, and derivatives thereof.
Birthday: 19th June, also known as *not soon enough*...~sigh~
Where do you live?: Here.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
Hobbies: Music, music, music, reading, friends, music, internet, writing, music, music, friends, music, stuff.
Sports played: No.
Worst fear: Humiliation. Being stabbed from behind.
Truth or Dare?: Truth. Always. I have no secrets.
Ocean or pool?: Pool.
Cake or Pie?: Cake.
Chocolate or vanilla?: ~melts~ Vanilla.
Love or lust?: Love.
Bitter or sweet?: Sweet. Unless we're talking Duran fic, in which case 'Bittersweet' by San. ~geek~
Juice or soda?: Uh...coke?
Gold or silver?: Silver. Almost always.
Diamonds or pearls?: Diamonds. (Argh! Get Prince out of my head!)
Hugs or kisses?: Hugs. Kisses are bad things, mostly.
Do you think you're a complex or simple person?: Complex, but usually explicable.
Innie or outie belly-button?: Innie.
Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset.
Crushed or cubed ice?: Cubed. ~images~ Oh, dear. *Steve*...
Who's your favorite actor?: Could go for Michael Rosenbaum atm. But just read old Smash Hits annual and discovered how very *very* attractive that guy from The Lost Boys who looked like the guy from Metallica was once. Um. /ramble Oh, and asrana love, it's spelt "Pierce".
Who's your favorite actress?: Drew. And Mandana Jones. ~swoon~
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: No.
If you died, would you rather come back as a man or a woman?: Man! Man! Man! Please...
What would you consider a fun time at a sporting event?: ~cracks up~ Hiding behind the shed with all the people who smoke.
Do you like to dance?: Very much so.
Are you too shy to ask someone out?: Um. Um? I used to be, certainly. Right now I'm not sure. ~frown~ ~smile~ Actually there's someone that I'd *like* to ask out but am too shy to (no, it isn't who you're thinking, G) so I suppose I still am.
Do you like to take pictures?: Yes oh yes.
Have you ever thought that you were going to die?: Um, no, only wished I was.
Who is the most awesome person you know?: I'll take that in its original sense and say wildeabandon.
Would you prefer to be drunk or high?: High! On caffeine though.
Do you ever save Internet conversations?: Sometimes.
Do you believe in God?: No.
Do long distance relationships work?: Um, depends. And how long is long distance? If they're very far apart it takes really, really strong people to make it work.
Have you ever felt that you were in love?: Oh, yes.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No. (Steve? ~g~)
Do you believe in aliens/UFO's?: Um, not really.
Have you ever been loud and obnoxious in a place which is usually quiet?: Probably.
Are you allergic to anything?: Not that we know of. Unless you mean music, in which case, heaps of stuff. ~g~
Would you ask a stranger to dance?: ...depends?
Do you have any piercings?: One in each ear and it is *so* stopping there.
Do you consider yourself to be a good friend?: Yes.
Do you sing in the shower?: Yes.
Do you swear?: More than I used to.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: No. But I believe in 'My god, I would do anything for this person' at first sight, which is perhaps weirder.
Have you ever stolen anything?: Yes. Lots. Often.
Are you racist?: Marginally, yes.
Do you drive?: No.
Who do you get mistaken for?: A member of staff rather than a student. ~g~ All the time.
What's your dream car?: Something sleek and black that says quietly "I can have anything I want" rather than screams "I'm fucking rich, so nyah" which is where so many people get it wrong...~g~
What's your dream home?: ~wry smile~ Curled up very very small in a box on giolla's mantelpiece?
What's the best advice you ever received?: Still "life owes you fuck all".
What's the worst advice you ever received?: "Just go and fucking kill yourself, then." Probably.
Where do you see yourself in ten years?: On TV.
What do you wear to bed?: My Cats nightshirt, generally.
Who's the funniest person you know?: May. She's just *bizarre*.
Where would you move to if you had the chance?: London, and I CAN! ~bounce~
What's your advice to the world?: Listen to this, I bet you'll like it. ~g~ (Having found the piece of 80s music that's perfect for them...)
Dream honeymoon location?: n/a.
Dream vacation spot?: ~smile~ London.
If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you like to be stranded with?: *Such* a silly question...
Turn-ons: Many and varied.
Turn-offs: Equally many and varied. People with no style. ~g~
How often do you cry?: *All* the time.
What do you think your friends think of you?: I think the ones at school are slightly wary of me, never quite sure what I'll do next. I've no idea what you lot think of me. ~shrug~
If you could tell the person you hate most on the world one thing, what would it be?: ~thinks~ It's difficult to know where to start...I mean, for one I wouldn't want to tell them anything to start with, I'd be asking them questions...oh, fun. ~grin~ Definitely. Bastards.
If you could tell one person you care about one thing, what would it be?: Butterfly - you're the first person I've ever fallen in love with who makes me unqualifiedly happy. Go you. ~smile~
Who was the last person you talked to?: Mum.
What was the last thing you ate?: Mmm...white chocolate...
What was the last song you heard?: Eh...~thinks hard~ I think it might have been 'Sunglasses At Night' on QTV actually. Asrana, where do you have that song? ~baffled~
How many people are on your buddy list?: Don't have one.
What do you think of Jerry Springer?: Him, or his show? I think he's a clever man who saw a good opportunity. I loved watching the show.
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?: I would...I...~bites lip~ ~blinks~ Apparently, I just distracted myself. Go me. ~raises eyebrow at self~ Just what is going on up there?
What do you want for your birthday?: ~cracks up~ Uh, music. Of course. ~grin~
What movie would you love to be in?: One of the Harry Potter films in the future.
Is there anything else you'd like to say here?: Only that I love giolla more than I ever though it was possible for anyone to love anybody.


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