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Suddenly the clouds parted and...

...well, no. Not really.
I had an odd night - Marillion with Steve, plus Cilla with the fringe-stalk-object Midge Ure, although not, obviously, in the same bed, apartment block, or even area of London. They were supposed to wind up out clubbing. I was exhausted. Go figure - I slept through my alarm. ~sigh~
Midge is, I think, about to enter the realm of stalkerdom. So, yay! Eight! ~g~

Rah! :

Which Star Wars character are you?

There were birds in the trees, but I never heard them singing, no I never heard them at all, 'till there was you...
Ahem. I wasn't there and I *never* said ^that. Honest. ~halo~
I just...I swear, I looked out of the window and went "Sigh. Grey sky." And I just looked back and it's *not* grey, it's hazy after-storm slate-coloured and there's patches of bright bright blue and the light is beautiful and...
Oh, blast, I'm in love. ~g~ Well, hands up who was expecting this one? ~puts hand up~ ~watches~ ~winces~ Ah. Yes. Indeed.
Please don't let this be as bad an experience as it's always been. Please, please, please.

In other news, the first pretty *picture* of Tanya that has Ever Existed Online! YAY! ~applauds Tanya~ Go you! ~giggles~
Panicking about looking through people's Whitby photos, for once. But - rather oddly, I'd say - these seem to be safe.

Hmm. Stalkage. Must look up Midge. For he is odd-looking, but pretty, and his *clothes* are great, and he has this way of looking all innocent, and I *want* his hair.
Or, er, not. But he's just...stalkage. Yes indeed.
Later : Except when out of makeup, when he looks completely different. This seems to be the case with a lot of people. ~smile~ Ah well. So long as he's in the makeup...


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