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Or, er, not.

Came back with much music but no present for mother. Will look in sunny Seaford tomorrow.

God, this day has just been so unbelievably bad. ~sigh~

I spoke to Sara, who is pretending nothing happened and who explained that probably nobody had come to me because they were all busy having mass hysteria. A plausible explanation had not Eddie then told me that they came to wake *her* up.
Because she's their friend, so they wanted her to know, and to help, and stuff.
But she was woken by Njide. Who was woken by Anana. Who was woken by...
I think half the house were up last night freaking out about this. And the only person who might have actually displayed a little, y'know, *sense*? Oh, but of course not. I'm the school freak. I cut myself, after all - so they can't possibly let me be around Sara. It's fucking catching, don't'cha know. ~rage~
And Sara herself doesn't care that I care, which is just marvellous.

Oh, insert wailing about wanting to fucking matter to somebody here, insert about three of you saying "But you matter to us!" there, and let's just assume it's all covered and I haven't believed you.

While I was in town looking for a card (which I did find) I saw a necklace-bracelet set which said "available". I nearly bought them, realised how near I was to buying them, burst into tears and left.

~head in hands~ In the history of pants days, this day was really, really pants. ~weak smile~

I'll shut up now. Sorry all.


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