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I think my base emotion is anger...

...it certainly seems to have come down to that this morning. I wish it weren't the case and I know that right now selfishness is hardly the order of the day but I'm just so *hurt* that nobody told me, except as an afterthought.
And all her friends are crowding round her and doing that faux-cheerful act that everyone does in such situations, and keep asking her if she's sure she wants to be up and I can see how annoyed it's making her but she loves them so she puts up with it. But there's no room for me. But then there never is. ~smile~
I'm sorry. I do know I shouldn't be feeling like this.
But better I say it here than to her or any of her or my friends, I think.

This school just has a habit of forgetting to tell me when my closest friends go into hospital. Apparently there was mass hysteria last night. I could have helped to calm people down. I'm good at that. I could have helped. I didn't get the chance to. I'm so angry. So angry.

Ach, enough of this. Sorry, everyone.


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