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Do you like candles? I like to look at them when unlit.
Do you like hot wax? Actually, no.
Do you like incense? Yes.
Do you like the taste of blood? I prefer vinegar, but whatever.
Are you a masochist, sadist, both, or neither? Probably.
Are you one kinky son of a bitch? I go one better - I'm *several* kinky sons of bitches.
Sexual Preference: Not at all, thank you.
What song is stuck in your head right now? Amusingly, "I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue. ~kicks side of head in impossible acrobatic feat~
Do you like stuffed animals? Not particularly. Only on occasion are they any substitute for people.
If you could murder anyone and get away with it, who and for what reason? ~thinks hard~ Well...not Amanda or Julie, I'm not honestly that cruel. And not mum's ex-husband, because he's not worth the effort. ~thinks~ It all comes back to that guy in Kent again.
Person you wish you could be with right now? ~sigh~ Mum, but she'd be angry about my scars (fading FAST, thank god.) asrana. Jamie Wakefield. ~sigh~ Someone who isn't Jewel.
What do you want done with your body when you die? Buried with a great deal of p&c.
Do you believe in time? No.
Do you believe in love? Yes.
Do you believe in soulmates? Yes, but there's more than one for everyone.
Do you believe in Love at first sight? SO not sure on that one.
Do you believe in Heaven? Not really.
Do you believe in Hell? Kind of.
Smoked? No.
Been Drunk as hell? Nobody gets drunk in hell...~shakes head~ *Honestly*.
Had sex with someone of the opposite sex? No. (Or yes.)
Had sex with someone of the same sex? No. (Certainly not.)
Shoplifted? Yes. (asrana? I'm shocked.)
Lied? Yes, always.
Betrayed a friend? Not intentionally, but yes.
Been to jail? No, not even Just Visiting.
Smoked weed? No.
Done LSD? No.
Done any other illegal drug? No.
Been engaged? On the phone.
Woke up and didn't know who the hell was next to you? Are you kidding? I've woken up and not known who the hell I *was*!
Had sex with something not of the human race? When I finally get around to sleeping with an anime character, I'll say yes to that one.
Had sex with something not alive? No.
Cheated on someone? Yes.
Used someone? All the time.
Paid someone for sex? No.
Been paid for sex? Um. I...no. (Or yes.)
Played strip poker? LOL No!
Skipped school? This morning, for one. ~s~ Slept through Archery. Shame.
Skipped school to get high/drunk? No.
Danced naked? ~frowns~ When I was little, probably.
Danced naked in public? Ditto.
Stolen money? Yes.
Stolen money from family? Not yet. Getting there, though.
Stolen drugs from family? No. ~has to break off to wander through various other worlds and give numerous rock stars hugs~ Eesh.
Been convicted of a crime? Not yet.
Dated someone because you heard they were easy? No, because I don't want sex. But I've done the equivalent.
Been called a whore? Yes.
Been called a bitch? Yes.
Watched porn? Yes, and laughed my *head* off. ~ggls~
Taped porn? Not really, since British TV doesn't tend to show it. I would, though, if it were on.
Kissed someone in a moving vehicle? ~cracks up and laughs and laughs and LAUGHS~ Er....not quite.
Had sex with someone in a moving vehicle? No.
Tried to kill yourself? Not *really*, no.
Tried to kill someone else? ~thinks~ I haven't. God, I want the chance.
Told someone you hated them? Yes.
Told someone you loved them and didn't mean it? Yes, oh yes.


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