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Too much pretty. No, really.

I was trying to write in my Latin lesson (gave up on poem as would just have upset me and I don't want that) when the fire alarm went off. I think it's got something against Kate, because the last time I was trying to write about him that happened...
Still, I have story theme in my head and will write in French this afternoon instead.
But, seriously. Too much pretty. There's something absolutely captivating about this. ~watches~ ~sighs~ ~purrs~

It's a bit...disconcerting...when you find yourself looking at someone else's relationship, that you've always considered a very serious one and been pretty much in awe of (and yes, faintly envious of, too) and you find yourself going "But...but that's happened to *me*...and...heard that before...and..."
It makes me slightly nervous. Only slightly.

I wish I could work out what I want.

Someone yesterday expressed extreme nervousness about something, and I thought, but didn't say, "But...but that would be easy. I could do that. So you certainly could."
I didn't think until some time this morning just how bizarre that thought was - akin to last night's musings about being able to reverse this situation if it was what I really wanted to do.

Eh. Stuff. Anyway. Back to These Two. Because...seriously...too much pretty. ~smile~


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